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  Beijing Chengtian Hengye Coal Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005 and its wholly owned subsidiary of Hebei Chengtian Hengye Coal Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 .It is headquartered in Gaoke Building, Shilong Industrial Zone, Mentougou District, and Beijing. It specialized specializes in developing and manufacturing of high-end roof support products for coal seams with complex, difficult-to-find conditionsunexplored conditions. Over the past years, we are persistently following one exclusive vision, to become the high-end enterprise supporting the complex and difficult coal seams in this field in China”"

  The company's current asset organization structure is: Beijing Chengtian Hengye Coal Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. is the controlling parent company and has a wholly owned subsidiary of Hebei Chengtian Hengye Coal Mine Equipment Co., Ltd.

  The company has a professional core team consisting of senior engineers in management ,mechanicalmanagement, mechanical, mining, geology, and surveying. More than 80% of employees have rich experience in underground production of coal mines. Most of them have been engaged in safety, production, technology, and on-site management for many years in coal mines and have strong ability capability tocapability to solve practical problems on the site.

  For many years, the company's independent technology innovation has always led the company into the sustainable, stable and healthy development. Whether the innovative results have been achieved Every year must have innovative results is the company's most stringent KPI every year. The company has successfully developed the ZRY steep tilt flexible hydraulic support with independent intellectual property rights, the ZHDF roadway hydraulic support, the ZH series combined hydraulic support, and the ZZ and ZF series light mining full height and top coal hydraulic support. Up to now, the company has obtained a total of 9 invention patents and 25 utility model patents officially authorized by the State Patent Office. It has won the title of national high-tech enterprise four times in a rowsuccessively, and has obtained more than 20 safety sign certificates certified by the National Security Mark Certification Center. It has Passedpassed the ISO9001 total quality management system certification. The company's products not only meet the needs of domestic coal mines, but also exported to Vietnam, Indonesia, Turkey, Mexico and other countries.

  The company currently has 1 onehas one stand design institute, 1 one support equipment test center, 1 one production base, and 2 two overseas offices, and a few sales offices in Henan, Hebei, Yunnan, HeiLongjiang and other provinces. There are 30 engineering and technical personnel with middle and senior technical titles in mining and mechanical engineering. Setup The company's sales the local offices are locate d in existing Henan, Hebei, Yunnan, Heilongjiangand Heilongjiang and so on. other provinces and cities agencies, sales outlets throughout the country. The company'sCompany’s technical support department is composed of a number of engineering and technical personnel with practical experience in coal mines. It can provide users with pre-sale technical support such as work surface design, equipment selection and support, and research on the use of supports and mining projects under special conditions. Most of the company's technical service personnel have served as supervisors in state-owned coal mines. They are well-trained, hard-working, and have extensive field experience. They can provide users with timely, effective, satisfactory, and assured technical services. Since its inception, Chengtian has had a special complex of blood and water with coal mines.

  Acquaintance Cheng Tian, ​​we are destined with Cheng Tian . All employees of Beijing Chengtian Hengye Coal Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. are firmly adhering to the philosophy of “Honesty” as the basis and “Quality” as the principle of doing things.honesty-based and quality-oriented. We work hand in hand with the coal mine colleagues in cross the country to create a bright future of safe, efficient, auspicious and harmonious coal industry.