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Company's after-sale technical service personnel's code of conduct


  1. After-sale technical service personnel represent the company's image externally, dressed neatly and cleanly.

  2. The work is honest, trustworthy, proactive, and can provide timely and effective services to customers in a timely manner. Do not care about personal gains and losses, there is dedication.

  3, at any time to ensure the smooth flow of communications, must not refuse to accept the work phone. Answer the phone with a tone of euphemism, be patient and meticulous, and use standard polite expressions to respect users when communicating with users.

  4. Develop good study habits, earnestly study coal mine safety and related knowledge, and constantly improve your knowledge level. To fully grasp the company's various product performance, structure, technical parameters and use, maintenance skills. Keep abreast of and follow up on the company's new products and improve the level of technical services.

  5, to understand and report to the company in a timely manner the use of the product and the actual needs of customers in order to improve product quality, improve product features. When you encounter problems that cannot be solved temporarily or are inaccurate or can't be done to customers, you should be clear to the users. In time, the customer's on-site related issues are taken to the company in the form of photographs, video and written reports, so that the relevant departments can organize research solutions.

  6. Obey the leadership, obey the command, observe the discipline, and actively accept and earnestly complete the work of the temporary arrangement.

  7. Conscientiously implement the relevant provisions of after-sales service management, the actual specification fill out after-sales service report documents, do a summary of each service work and monthly work summary.

  8. Be honest and practical, do not falsely report attendance, do not falsely report work content, do not cheat on travel expenses, and must not solicit or accept tips or gifts from users in any form, or accept invitations that may affect normal work. The sale of parts and components shall not be subject to the collection of service fees and other expenses, and shall not intentionally or unintentionally degrade the company's reputation.




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