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In 2015, Liaogong University students came to the company to practice

In2015,LiaogongUniversitystudentscametothecompanytopractice  OnJuly16,2015,eightundergraduatesfromLiaoningTechnicalUniversitycametothecompanyforaninternship.Thetechnicalresearchanddevelopmentdepartmen

  In 2015, Liaogong University students came to the company to practice

  On July 16, 2015, eight undergraduates from Liaoning Technical University came to the company for an internship. The technical research and development department arranged special personnel to conduct professional training for them; in the exhibition hall, the company introduced the history of the company's development, and let them deeply appreciate the “soul” of Chengtian Company—“Sincerity, the end of things, being sincere and nothing”, bearing in mind “honest man” The principle of “being practical” was introduced; relevant knowledge of coal mines and various types of hydraulic supports was introduced; and their professional and future work direction were trained on software such as AutoCAD, Solidworks and VF.

  This is for 4 consecutive years the company has arranged for students to go to the company for internships.



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