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Chengtian Firm Firmly Defends Independent Intellectual Property Rights


  Beijing Chengtian Hengye Coal Mine Equipment Co., Ltd., in order to solve the difficult problems of safe mining of difficult mining seams in coal mines, after five years of unremitting research and development, successfully developed a "a flexible shield hydraulic support for coal mines," and in 2012 On July 25th of the year, the company obtained national invention patents, and at the same time achieved the transformation of the products by the technical achievements, played an important role in promoting the safety production of coal mines, and achieved good social benefits. At the beginning of this year, we learned and mastered a large amount of conclusive evidence that an Anhui mine electromechanical equipment company has blatantly infringed on our company’s independent intellectual property rights, counterfeited the flexible shielded hydraulic support products and sold it to Vietnam. We have a clear-cut attitude towards this infringement, and we firmly Rely on legal weapons and firmly defend the dignity of intellectual property rights and the legitimate rights and interests of our company. The case will be heard in Hefei Intermediate People's Court of Anhui Province on July 19, 2017.