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The company's technology research and development center has experts, masters, and senior engineers who receive special allowances from the State Council; and the National Coal Administration Institute, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing Campus), Liaoning University of Engineering and Technology, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Liaoning University. And scientific research institutions work closely in the design, manufacture, research and development, and monitoring of the use of stents.

In the design process, using SOLIDWORKS three-dimensional design software, more intuitive simulation of structural products, generate animation to demonstrate, and based on the finite element theory of the product structure force analysis, continuous optimization and improvement of product structure.


3D design


3D design

Design center personnel carry out bracket design

Oxford Sage Professor (second from left) guides stent development

Tsinghua University Professor (Left 1) Leading the Design of Active Breathing Mask Project

Singapore Nanyang University Ma Guowei participates in discussions on stent design

Joint discussion with experts of the Coal Science Research Institute on the subject of steeply inclined coal seams

Chinese Academy of Sciences tests energy absorbing components


Liaoning Engineering and Technology University conducts dynamic impact test on bracket components